About Cajun Lake Lodge

Showcase Event Venue just outside Dickson, TN

We’ve been a successful outdoor wedding venue, party and retreat venue, and lodging business since 2010. But what of the beautiful Cajun Lake Lodge property before then?

A Popular Catfish Farm & Twin Lakes

Once upon a time, what is now Cajun Lake Lodge was a working catfish farm owned by the Duke family. More than three decades ago, local folks paid fifty cents for a permit to fish for those wily, whiskered, bottom-dwellers and paid thirty-one cents for the young, experienced staff to “dress” their fish to take home for the evening’s dinner. Many of the well-respected gentlemen and ladies of this community fondly remember fishing here as youngsters. It used to be known as Twin Lakes and all the locals knew exactly where the lakes were. Everybody smiled when they knew that they were goin’ fishin’ at Twin Lakes.

The friendly lake catfish served a dual purpose back then — they were also sold to Catfish Kitchen as dinner for lots of other hungry folks! (and you can see the back of the still popular restaurant from Cajun Lake). As you stroll around our grounds in today’s world, you will see evidence of those long ago days: original catfish nets, signs, scales for weighing those big ol’ fish, and old farm tools.

Still a Beautiful Place…Now with a Cajun Flair

After the zenith of its catfish days, the property changed hands a few times until Paula Eleazar and her family bought it. The owner and proprietor of Cajun Lake Lodge, she hails from deep in Cajun Country in Southwestern Louisiana where she learned at an early age the rare art of entertaining where everyone “passes a good time” each day. Paula has over 25 years of top management experience in the corporate world and has continued to blend her entertainment skills with her business skills throughout the years. Now this exciting, rare blend of flexible entertainment is available to you in Dickson County.

Ummmm…smilin,’ fishin’, local folks havin’ fun…sounded exactly like her own Cajun roots! Paula just knew that this would be the perfect Cajun place, complete with Cajun Lakes and a Cajun Lake Lodge. Our lakes and our rollin’ hills are just waiting to share their beauty and their secrets with you.

We built the main house that is now the Eleazar’s home. Then began to enhance the raw, rustic beauty that was just waiting for a face lift — and waiting for you to come visit. Our four-bedroom Lodge was the original farmhouse on the property. Our “Bon Ton” party pavilion was where all the “fish-dressin” action took place. The lake cabin with its the three-tiered decking was added later to take advantage of both that beautiful view and that great fishing experience.

So now we now offer our Cajun flair to enhance the fun that you will have here as you party, and as you gaze out over our pristine lakes and relax in our lodge or cabin. Ya’ll come soon for a visit now, cher?

Please contact us online or call us today at 615-499-2394 to find out more or schedule a tour. We’ll help you let the good times roll at Cajun Lake Lodge!

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