Event Testimonials

Here’s what a few guests had to say about their events at Cajun Lake Lodge

“What a beautiful property! We’ve enjoyed every minute of the water, house, property, fires, flowers, birds, and pool table.  Thank you for sharing this with us!  We head home rested and relaxed!”– SO


“We enjoyed our stay here so much!  Everyone had a blast! I love the rustic feel of the Lodge; I could live here!  The view was great, the water was great, the boats were great….everything was great!  Not only did we enjoy the outside activities, but the pool table went strong into the wee hours!  We will need another vacation to catch up on our sleep!” – B.B.


“My family truly enjoyed our stay.  We had a great time and appreciated all of the comforts that you provided.  This is a beautiful place and so convenient for our families to come for a day.  I will tell all my friends about this place.  Living in Nashville for years, never realizing this place was here!” – C.G.


“The Seattle family of the bunch has enjoyed our four nights.  Much fun, laughter, and food.  Fishing was great; my grandson caught a huge catfish.  I suggest that you put your place on Tennessee Crossroads or Southern Living!”  – S.G.


“We had our wedding in Nashville and used your place as a gathering place for all of the bridal party who came in from all over the country; it was awesome!  The Cabin was amazing and we created memories for a lifetime!  Thank you so much; it was wonderful to have such a great place to relax and party with our friends for our wedding week!  Everyone had a great time at this beautiful place!” – S.G.


“Thank you and your family for coordinating such a precious moment in my life.  It was smooth sailing at the Lodge.  My friends, family, and visiting in-laws from England really enjoyed their stay.  The weather was perfect and the property is beautiful.  I will be boasting about our experiences here.  Good luck with future endeavors involving Cajun Lake Lodge!” – E.W.


“We loved the “homey” feel of this place!  The grounds are also beautiful!  We loved staying here…we were 8 adults and we had plenty of room.  Thank you for such a nice weekend.” – E.W.

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